Mission Statement

Castle Pointe Social Committee


The social committee aim is to facilitate interaction among Castle Pointe residents by providing a variety of inclusive enjoyable events to foster camaraderie, friendship and attain a sense of community.


To coordinate all social activities that will take place throughout the year. To create a welcome basket for new residents.


The Social Committee plans and organizes events. It has a maintained budget for activities and purchased items are processed through the management company.


There is no express term of service length for the members. Each serve at the discretion of the Castle Pointe HOA Board and may choose to leave at any time, or may be removed by the board at any time.


Currently, the Social Committee consists of 3 members.

Committee Structure:

The committee shares jointly with no chairperson.

Relationship to Board of Directors:

All members serve at the discretion of the Castle Pointe HOA Board.

Relationship to Management:

​No relationship to management.