Castle Pointe HOA – Landscaper

Although Castle Pointe is not an entirely “maintenance free” community, we do provide landscaping services described below. Keesen is the contracted landscaper for our community. Currently, mowing is performed every Thursday. This service is included in your Castle Pointe assessment charges.

Linda Stoffel
Doug Moen

If you need a landscaping repair performed for your property, please submit this request.

If you are looking for a date that the below items will be performed, check our calendar.

​email: [email protected] [email protected]

The following maintenance items are performed annually:


  • Spring Irrigation activation
  • Fall Irrigation winterization
  • Irrigation System checks


  • Mowing/trim/blowing weekly (May-September)
  • Mowing/trim/blowing bi-monthly (April & October)
  • Edging bi-monthly (May-September)
  • Edging monthly (April & October)
  • Weeding hand pulled and chemical application


  • Spring Aeration
  • Spring Clean up
  • Fall Clean up
  • Summer Pruning

Turf Application (weed control and fertilizer)

  • Spring
  • Mid-Summer
  • Late Summer